What is PictBridge and DPOF?

When you go out in the market to purchase Digital Camera and Smartphone and get encountered by the Words like DPOF [Digital Print order Formet] and Pictbridge, but don't know what are these? In this Post i will try to make you understand what is it.

PictBridge: Pictbridge is an industry standard came into existence in 2003 introduced by CIPA [ Camera & Imaging Products Association ] for Direct Printing. Before it's existence we have to connect the Camera to the Computer then to a Printer to print Images and Pics. but after it's Introduction Now we can Directly connect the Camera , Mobiles to Printer via a Data Cable.

DPOF [Digital Print order Formet] : It is a format which allows the User of Digital Cameras, PDA and smartphone owners to define which Images are to be Printed ,in What order to be Printed and What should be the Size of the Printed Images and all other Properties such as Title, Date, Type etc.

This information usually stored in the sets of Text Files in Memory Cards and can be accessed through the Menu Options of the Cameras .

The Current version of DPOF supports/adds these feature:

  • Printing Multiple Images on One Sheet

  • Slide show support with Autoplay Feature.

  • Sending Images via Fax and Internet Transmission

  • Specifying order , type and size of Print