How to create Home Made Stylus for your Capacitive Touch Phone?

Most of the Time , it's happen that we need to use a stylus for our Capacitive Touchscreen but we due to it's cost we don't buy it, This Guide will teach you "how to create a Stylus for your Capacitive Touchscreen Phone using Earbud and Aluminium Foil

Follow these Steps:

  • First of all we need to know How does Capacitive Touchscreen Works? , We find that Capacitive works by reading Charge of Our Hands,

  • Now take a Ear Bud, if you don't have purchase it from your nearest Chemist or General Store..

  • Dip it's Cotton plug in the Water, squeeze the Excess of the Water from the Cotton Plug, we only need to moist it little bit,

  • Now take a Aluminium Foil, you can purchase it from any General Store, take a peice of it and Wrap it around the stem of the Cotton Plug tightly, such that it's ending should touch the Cotton Plug,

  • Take care that Foil only should touch the starting of Cotton Plug not more than that,

  • Your Capacitive Touch Stylus is Ready

Things to take Care:

  • Don't leave excess of water on tthe cotton plug ,such that it spills. we only intend to little bit moist the tip of the Cotton Plug

  • Aluminium foil should not Touch the Touchscreen, it may produce scratches,