How to create Hidden Folder in Windows?

Microsoft Windows provide this option to Hide a Folder, but almost 90% of your Friends knows How to Show that Hidden Folder, Here we are talking about an extremely Hidden Folder about which only you'll know, and will Protect your Important Data.

It's a Two minute Guide to create the this Folder. Just Follow the Step Below:

  • First of all open the Desired Location,  If you Have lot's of space in your Windows Directory then , I recommend you to make this Folder on your Desktop , As it'll be easy to access the Folder

  • Right Click on Desired Location and Click on Create New Folder,

  • Now Right Click again and Rename the Folder. Now ,on the Rename Text Box , Hold on "Alt Key" and Type "255", you'll Notice that Cursor  moves a little bit from it's Location

  • Now  Right Click it again> Go to Properties, Properties Dialog Box will appear up > Now click on Customize Tab > Then Change Icon.

  •  Change Icon Folder will open,  By Default in "Look Icon For " this fill will be pointed " %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll " , which contains all the Windows Icon,

    Browse Through them , you'll Find three spaces that are not blank spaces , but the Blank Icon select one of these and Click on OK , then on Apply .

You are now Ready with an Hidden Folder

What is Alt + 255?
Alt+255 is used to insert a blank Character in windows,
How to Delete this Folder?
If you create a Folder and Rename it with "Alt +255", then it will be considered as a Con Folder that is Console Folder, In windows , it's impossible to delete Console Folder, therefore you have to rename it again with general names  for e.g. "New Folder", "my folder" etc. ,then you'll be able to Delete it