True Blue Voice TBV M-21 Hands on Review

I need a Bluetooth Device and was low on Budget, Then True Blue Voice M21 Bluetooth Device came out of Light, and on an offer Deal , i bought this at Rs 299. It features Headset Profile 1.1 and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate).

Learn C++ - Mini Calculator from Switch Statement

Switch statement in C++ is a Compact and easy alternative to If Else Statement as explained earlier in this blog. We will now use switch statement to create a mini calculator similar to one we have made earlier using
if-else statement.

Learn C++ - The Switch Statement

The Switch statement is an easy to use alternative to the If Else Statement.This selection statement successively tests the value of an expression against a list of integer or character constants. When match of  integer or character is found then the statement associated with that constant is execueted .

Micromax A54 Smarty / Ninja 3.5 hands on Review

Last month Micromax launched their new handset that is Micromax Ninja 3.5 A54 smarty , which is the rebranded  indian version of Cherry Mobile Rave , featuring android 2.3.5 OS , 3 MP Camera , 130 MB user Memory and 1ghz Qualcomm CPU with 256 mb RAM

Learn c++ - swapping and fibonacci sequence

Fibonacci Sequence is defined as follows : the first and second terms in the sequence are 0 and 1. subsequent terms are found by adding the preceding two terms in the sequence . For example : 0 1 1 2 3 5 8  13

Swapping is to interchange the value of two Variable

Learn C++ - Mini Command base Calculator to Add,Subtract,Multiply and Divide

Learn to make a mini Command base Calculator, which takes two integer operands and one operator from user , performs the operation and then prints the result.

Before starting this you should have basic knowledge of C++ I/O operators

Learn C++ - Add 2 number with C++

In this Tutorial,  we will learn to Input 2 numbers and Add them , you should have basic knowledge of setting up and opening Turbo C ++ compiler