What is Coral Player?

You'd Download a Video using Torrent and when you open it , you get encountered with a Trailer that you need to Download a Coral Player. What is it? Coral Player is actually a Scam

Last week my friend downloaded the Captain America the Movie from Torrents Portal but as soon as he tried to open the File, the Default Player plays a 13 sec Trailer recommending you to Download the Coral Player with a link to download Page, Question arises Should you download it?

My Answer : No, Never . i will prefer to donate but never spend money to fool myself.

Actually Coral Player is a scam , it will ask for 0.95 USD , but they don't clearly mentioned that this fees is only for 3 Days and after that you'll be charges 19.95 USD every month and this amount will be deducted automatically from your account.

and that's way you'll lose a great amount of money just to Play Video, which is not really a Video .

Truth about the Video: This video only contains a trailer of 13 Second requesting you to Purchase the Software and there size is expanded such that it appears to be legitimate to the Movie. And the creator of this scam uploaded Millions of Such Videos to the Torrents Portal to fool the People around the Web. No Real Movie File exist in those Archives.

About the Player : Some Victims of the Scam posted that No Player was Given to them, and rest of the Victims claim that the coral player is just a sluggish Player that even can't open a normal Movie File.

The Fact : if you point the browser towards Coralplayer.com instead of download.coralplayer.com , then you'll greeted with this
This is not a correct entrance URL, please watch the file again and see what the correct URL is like.

which is itself a Proof of the Scam