Change Wordpress Image Upload Folder

Many of you , want to change your default Image/Media Folder (wp-content/uploads to "your Folder") but don't know how to do that, There are many reason to change the default Wordpress Image Folder which we are going to discuss below in this Post.

By Default the Media Upload folder of Wordpress is Wp-content/uploads but you can change it by referring to this Guide

  • First of All Login to your Wordpress Dashboard

  • Go to Setting>Media , there you will find a section named Uploading Files with two input fields
    Type your desired folder in front of  "Store uploads in this folder" and full path of Images in front of "Full URL path to files"

  • Select/Deselect the Checkbox "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders" , If you want/ Don't want to place tthe images in Subfolder like "Year/Month/Image"
    For E.g. 2011/02/image.jpeg

Storing Files to Sub-Domain

  • Login to cpanel

  • Go to Sub-domains and create a Sub-domain,
    Now in Front of Document Root, Add the Path to your Main Wordpress Installation, Followed by a Subfolder,
    in this Pattern " Your Wordpress Installation/Image Folder  " for e.g.  If your Wordpress Installation is in "public_html/wordpress" and you want to upload your files to a folder namely "img" , then type "public_html/wordpress/img"

  • Now Logon to your Wordpress Panel> Go to media> and repeat the steps mention above for sub-folder,
    Only change is to type full path of images  in front of "Full URL path to files" as a subdomain , like ""

Benefit of choosing Path as Sub-Domain over Sub-Folder

Many Outdated Browsers like IE6, and Firefox 2 is limited to download a fix no. of images from a Domain per Page-load , Therefore when you choose a sub domain, browser will treat it as a different Domain and will allow you to download double the images per pageSecondly, It makes easier to backup your Media Files by seperating it from Main Installation