Speed up your Wordpress blog

Being a Good Webmaster means to Provide the Content of your Website as fast as Possible and most of the new Website owner are using Wordpress to host their Website/ Blog. This Article will instruct you how to Increase your Wordpress Blog Speed

You can Speed up Wordpress Blog by Refering these Points

  • Depreciate the Use of Plugins : I don't mean to depreciate all Pliugins  , but to those which you can Place manually. For e.g. Facebook Like button ,If you are able to Place it manually , Don't use Plugins to Place it, as it will process the Widget from PHP Engine first , then to your Blog. Likewise prefer to place Meta Description Manually in your Blog. it will skip the step of fetching that from SQL Database and make your Blog Fast.

  • Reduce your Website Download time by Compressing CSS and Javascript Files: You can speed up your Blog by reducing the Website Download time by Compressing CSS and Javascript file by using JS and CSS Compressor. Search it on Google and you'll find million of Tools

  • Reduce HTTP Requests: Reducing the HTTP Request have two Benefits, First It will Reduce the Website Loading Time. Second.) Many outdated browser like IE6 are limited to honor  a limited no. of  HTTP Request  . You can Reduce HTTP Request of your Wordpress blog by Using the below Listed Methods

    1. By Using WP-Minify Plugin : WP-Minify is a great Plugin which combines the CSS Files and Javascript Files into a Single CSS and Javascript file respectively to Reduce HTTP Requests.
      Using it will definitely Reduce your HTTP Request by 50 %.

    2. By Using CSS Sprites: CSS Sprite Technology will add up your all small Image into a Large Single Image , and reproduce it using Image Mapping. Google, Yahoo, Facebook all are using CSS Sprites that's why there website loads faster.

  • By Using W3 Super Cache Plugin: it will Process the Each and Every Page /Post of your Website as a compressed HTML and prevent the need to process the Content Dynamically from Database, each time the Website/ Blog Loads.

  • Use CDN like Amazon S3 : CDN is Content Delivering Network which are optimize to deliver the content fast . In CDN your data is available at Various Server and when a user request the Data it is provided from the Nearest Server. This Technology had Dramatically Speed Up the Internet by reducing the Loading Time about 80 %