What is new in Wordpress 3.3?

Wordpress 3.3 got released today as expected, and is officially available for Download , It come with new Media uploader Plupload , Revamped Adminbar , Flyout Menus and New Version of Tiny MCE , which will make it rocking cool for Blog Publisher to publish post.
Wordpress 3.3 Beta 2 is released and hope Wordpress 3.3 also got release as expected on November 29 2011, this article will tell about the New feature Wordpress 3.3 going to have

What's new feature does Wordpress 3.3 will going to posses ?
Multimedia Uploader :Wordpress will going to revamped it totally by adopting a plugin plupload created by the people out there at Tiny MCE, this uploader based on HTML 5 will feature Drag and drop files to upload feature, Image Re-Size,Filter by Type features.

It is expected that this new Uploader will bring lot's of Improvement to the Wordpress.

Fly out Menus :Earlier we have to click the Tab , to see the whole menu . but this time Wordpress will going to feature Flyout Menus , which will going to definitely save a click and few Steps. but some user out there at Wordpress Forum don't like it and raised a fact that most of us have several custom items under one tab, like in settings tab , So flyout menu will going to takes up the whole screen height in that sense.

Revamped Admin Bar: Admin Bar is revamped in order to make it more user friendly and is more responsive and features dropdown menu on hovering mouse over it and some things are added to make it more useful,

Tooltips / Pointer : Tool tips or pointer has been added to notify you when a new feature is added or activated in your Wordpress Blog

Admin Warnings : Although there are many tricks and hacks to get rid from that ugly Admin Warnings that pop-up on your screen to notify you about Plugins updates etc.but this version will not going to support Admin Warnings

Permalinks : In this version of the Wordpress, you will going to notice a new option for permalinks that is %postname%, which earlier wordpress takes time to process and is not recommended by wordpress as it confuses the Post with Pages, but from this release onwards ,this permalink will be supported

Adaptive Dashboard : Earlier , Wordpress dashboard supports different resolution but not able to completely adapt it , but from this version the Dashboard is completely adaptive for different devices such as tablets and IPads etc.

Language Core Support : Now you can change the Language of your Admin Dashboard by uploading suitable core Files in .po format and manually installing them.

Tiny MCE has been updated to version 3.4.5 ,also there are many hidden performance and stability  updates ,

For Developers there is lot's of good news as Metadata API, Settings API and Editor API has been Improved

UPDATE : Wordpress 3.3 is now officially available for Downloading at wordpress.org