Overclocking and it's consequences

Overclocking is an art of Tweaking Computer  Component in such a way that it gives Higher Clock Rate, It's basically done in order to get more Performance from your Computer and generally done with CPU,  RAM , Graphic Card , and Motherboard

What should be Considered before you Overclocked your Computer?

  • Adequate Power: Check if your System is getting Adequate Power to run on new Clock Rate

  • Proper Cooling :  Overclocking your PC component will consume more Power, and as a result will produce more Heat , if Proper Cooling System is not established your Device may Burst  Out,

  • Sufficient Knowledge: you should have knowledge required to do Overclocking and you should know that If you Overclocked your PC , then you're going to void Manufacturer Warranty.

Why Somebody wants to Overclock his Computer and Graphic Card?

There are many Possible reason that a person will overclock his Computer like:

  •  To sell his Cheap Computer at Higher Rates by showing Higher Clock Rates

  • To Speed up his PC

  • Just for Fun [I usually Do overclocking Just for Fun as a Hobby]

  • To Impress Other

What do you need before Overclocking your Computer?

  • Additional CPU Fan

  • A Proper Cooling System

  • An Adequate Power Supply

  • Moisture Free Room

  • Power Backup [If Power Supply during the process of Overclocking got interrupted, than Most of the PC Component may got Dead]

Now Check , What you need to Overclock ? Is it your Graphic Card or CPU.
Motherboard Bios : Most of the Motherboard from companies like MSI, Gigabyte , ASUS , have a built in feature in BIOS with 2-3 Settings optimized for Overclocking , whereas Companies like Intel need some tweaks using Software to Overclock it's component.GPU : GPU or Graphic Card can be overclock by provided that you have a proper cooling System, Most of the Graphic Card withstand maximum Temperature of 100'C to 105'C whereas Some optimized for Gaming can even tolerate 150'C , but for sake of better life of Graphic Card , we used to maintain Temperature between 70'C to 90'C.Before you overclock your Graphic Card you should understand that if anything goes wrong it may destroy your RAM, Motherboard Slot for RAM and 1 PCI Slot of Graphic Card and your Graphic Card.

How can we overclock GPU?

  • With the Help of  Software like RivaTuner , MSI After Burner, NVidia Inspector . etc.

  • By Soldering critical points in the VGA Card.

  • By Editing the Bios.

How can we overclock CPU?

  • Using Software like CPU-Z, RivaTuner, MSI , MSI Dual Core Overclocking Utility etc. Now a days Motherboard Manufacturer also provide Easy-to-use GUI Software to Overclock your Computer.

  • By configuring the Circuits in Motherboard

  • By Configuring the Bios .