Things to be considered while Shopping Online

Many of you get encountered with Shopping Deals online  from EMail or other Source , and Want to Shop online but afraid of being a fraud Victim , or being cheated by Seller . This Article will provide Tips and Points to be considered before Shopping Online and what to do if you get a Faulty or Defective Product

Prepare your Computer

First of all your Computer must be prepared for the Online Shopping to prevent Data theft etc.

  • Antivirus : You should have an Anti-Virus Software from a Trusted Developers like Avast , AVG , Kaspersky etc. Many think that Windows Inbuilt Security is enough , No that is not Enough.

  • Internet Connection : A reliable Broadband Connection is Must with the speed of atleast 128 kbps .
    NOTE: If your Broadband or Internet Connection is frequently Disconnecting then call your ISP 's Customer Care and don't Proceed for online Shopping  as it may lead to Duplicate Payments /Non-Payments and Deduction from your Account.

  • UPS : you should have a reliable UPS so that your Computer dont got switch off due to Power Failure etc. during Payment Process.

  • Computer : A Computer in Healthy state means without any malware or Virus is must , if you don't have get it Repaired.

Select your Merchant Wisely

In this era of Technology , you'll have lot's of  E-Mail in your Inbox with lot's of Offer with heavy discount , many of them were legitimate , but there are chances that they'll trick you into giving your Password and other Personal Details. Therefore it is a wise Step to Type the Merchant Web-Address  Manually into your Browser Address Bar.

Before Proceeding further , Search online for Merchant Details like it's reviews, complaints ,  Popularity online and what it's customer have to say about it (you can find these in forums websites easily).

Things to Be Noted Down on Merchant Website

There are few things , you should not before Purchasing an item online from the Merchant Website.

  • Tin Number / Pan Number / CST Number and Taxation Number : Does the Merchant Website provide these Details on their Website [you can find this on top or Bottom of Home Page, or in FAQ Page , if not available contact their Customer Support and ask for it.] .
    These type of no. are itself  a proof that the Merchant is Valid  and registered in Government Database and if needed a suitable action can be Taken against them.

  • Customer Care : A Well established Merchant will have a Customer Support over a Helpline No. and E-Mail , which will guide you through the Payment Process and Other Details.
    You should Call Customer Support to know more about the Product you are going to Buy.

  • Terms and Conditions : You should check out the Terms and Conditions of your Merchant , Many times you blindly agrees the Terms but later suffer for it .

  • Refund and Replacement Policy : Many online Merchant Replace the Stuff , if found Defective from their Stock , but others will direct you to the Manufacturer Customer Care. Therefore it is important that you Check these Out.

  • SSL Protected Connection : Secured Socket Layer Connection will encrypt your Data from your Computer to the Payment Gateway , that's way your Personal Data will be safe from the Hackers and Spammers .  Secondly , it also verifies the Merchant Identity . Therefore  it's the most important point to be considered while Shopping Online.

  • Payment Gateways : Many merchant uses verified and Well established Payment Gateways like CC Avenue , EBS or Citibank etc. while other will use Payment Gateways provided by Bank  . You should keep a record on that which website is providing which gateway and which gateways are reliable

Things to be noted down of the Things/ Stuff you're Purchasing

  • Specification : Check out if the Product specification on Merchant (you are going to Purchase) match the specification on Manufacturer Website , If not contact Merchant  and then Manfucturer.

  • Warranty : Many a times Merchant offer Products with Warranty lesser than the Manufacturer Warranty,

  • Sales Package Content : you should be sure What you are going to get in the Box and does it match the  Package Content provided by Manufacturer

  • Seal : Does the Product will be Factory Sealed Box or Not

  • Shipping Charges and Time : Most of them Provide free Shipping and Ships the Item within 4-7 Days depending on your Location. If you don't get the Product within the time Period you can ask for Refund as most of the Item Shipped from trusted Merchant are Insured against their Price and Courier Company are Responsible for Non Delivery or Improper Delivery.

These Point should be Cleared from Merchant and Manufacturer before Proceeding ahead.

Points to be Considered when you Received the Product

  • Always open the Product in front of Delivery Boy / Courier Person , if Product/Package appeared to be Faulty or Tampered , Don't accept the Package and Return to the Courier or Delivery Boy. and immediately contact the Merchant. If the Product is above 2000 Rs then note down the Name and Contact Number of Delivery Boy and Courier Service.

  • If Possible Click 2-3 Pics of the Courier Person and the Faulty Product.

  • If your Device is looking Great and there is no defect that is visible and content is up to the mark , accept the Courier and Enjoy.

What to do if Merchant is not Solving or Considering your Problem?
In Many Countries their exist a proper Functional Court like Consumer Court in India, which will help in resolving the dispute between Seller and Consumer. but Trusted Shopping Sites like E-Bay and Amazon also have their own level Resolution Center which help to resolve the Dispute between Merchant and Consumer . You can First seek for help in Website's Resolution Center and Then in Consumer Court