Moving from Blogger to Self Hosted Wordpress Blog

Many of the you are moving from Blogger to Self Hosted Wordpress Blog for one or two or Many Reasons , It may be SEO or Customization or may be availability of Thousands of Plugins and Themes.

Why one want to move his/her Blog from Blogger to Self-Hosted Wordpress?
There could be infinite Reasons but the Top Reasons are mentioned below:

  • SEO Problems : After Blogger has added a tag to restrict Crawling of " /search " in blogger's blog robots.txt , Many Websites Monthly Page views dropped almost about to 30%.

  • More Professional Look in Themes

  • You can Provide better Browsing Experience to your Readers

  • Thousands of Plugins and Themes available free of cost

  • Whole Platform can be customized to achieve desired results

How to Move Blogger to Wordpress ?

  • Login to your Blogger Account and Select your Desired Blog's Dashboard > Settings. Under Settings , on default Page [Basic Tab],  you will notice a Word 'export Blog' click on it.

  • After this you'll find a Page with a Big Orange Button "Download Blog" , Click it

  • A XML File will start downloading in this Pattern blog-m-d-y.xml (where m:Month , y:Year , d: Date)

Now Open your Browser and Go to  and Click on Choose File  and select the downloaded XML export file  and click on Convert.
After a few Second a HTML file will be downloaded to your PC,

Now in your Self Hosted Wordpress:

  • Login to your Dashboard,

  • Under Tools Menu , click on Import > Wordpress

How to Import Blog without affecting the Search Results Links?

Go to Settings> Permalink tab  and change the Permalink structure to:

There are Hundreds of Plugin available in Wordpress Database to add .html to the Post Permalink , like Permalink Editor , HTML on Pages etc.

That's it,