Google Hidden Search Tricks and Secrets

Many of you don't know but there lies many Hidden Search Tricks and Secrets of Google , known as Google Easter Eggs . Google is including some Hidden Easter Eggs from many year to surprise their Visitors

Google Search Tricks
Do a barrel roll : open Google and Search "do a barrel roll" , the screen will roll out.

Askew : Type Askew in search box and hit enter . you'll see that the Search Page askew it self or appear to be Slanted.

ascii art : Type ascii art in Search Box and take a look at the Google Logo.

recursion : recursion is the process to repeating the item again and again, type this in the search box and hit enter . Search will again and again suggest you the Word recursion
z or r twice : searching "z or r twice" will roll the whole screen just like "Do a barrel roll" .

zerg rush : This will launch the set of O's start eating the Page , it's not an animation but it's a Game , you have to kill and protect your Page by clicking on these O's , but it will hardly do any benefit as at the end there will be shower of unlimited O's and you will be greeted with GG message

Google Calculator

answer to life the universe and everything : Type this and you'll get the "answer to life the universe and everything" . according to the Sources , This Easter Egg has been inspired from the phrase of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Once in a Blue Moon : Type this phrase and you'll see the answer in Google Calculator