What are Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are the type of Trailing Navigation which trails in Descending Order and Used in Graphic User Interface and Website as an Aid for User to navigate Properly. It generally appear at Top Section of Websites , mostly just below the Main Navigation .

They Usually Provide Trailing Links with Link to the Previous Page

Structure of Breadcrumbs
Home>Section>Sub-Section>Sub-Sub-Section> Page

Mostly, Breadcrumbs are Seperated by "Greater Than arrow" (>), but Trailing Slash (/) and Mid Dash can be used to Demonstrate Breadcrumbs

Where we can See Breadcrumbs?

Now a Days, You can see Breadcrumbs in almost Every OS and File Managers like in Windows 7, Ubuntu , Fedora [in nautilus File Manager] and Almost in every Shopping Website ,Online Product Catalogs , and Blogs too.

How to add Breadcrumbs in Wordpress?
There is a Lengthy Way [to add full code to functions.php in your Theme] and a Shorter Way [to Use a Plugin] , If you want to know the Lengthy Way Contact me. For Shorter Way Proceed Below.

Although there are Lot's of Breadcrumbs Plugin in Wordpress Plugin Directory and you can try all to test their effect on your Website, but i prefer to use these two:

  • Yoast Breadcrumbs: This Plugin is easy to install and by the author of Wordpress SEO Plugin i.e Joost de Valk , it' s easy to customize the Plugin but is succeeded by Yoast's Wordpress SEO and no longer developing Separately  . and the last Built of Plugin does not provide any type of Microdata or RDFa Support

  • Breadcrumbs NavXT : It's the Successor of the Popular Wordpress Plugin the Breadcrumbs Navigation XT , the Plugin is equally reliable as Yoast Breadcrumbs. only difference is that it Provides more customization option in it's Admin Panel and from Version 3.9 onwards it features the Microdata and RDFa Support.

Does adding Breadcrumbs makes a Difference?
Yes , it makes difference .

  • First of All , it act as Navigation aid for Users.

  • Second , The Internet Search Giant "Google" is supporting Breadcrumbs in their Search Result from Year 2008 allowing it more content of the Website visible to Googler.

  • Third , Many SEO expert states that using Breadcrumbs will  improve your Site Visibility and provide greater extend to the Content to User

Breadcrumbs and Microdata/ RDFa

Many of the Search Engines like Yahoo ,Google , Microsoft etc. are Planning to support Breadcrumbs in their Result. and Using Microdata will ensure that they Quickly grasp the define Breadcrumbs from the set of Trailing Links present in the  Website, Therefore it's important you define Breadcrumbs properly with the Help of MicrodataWhat are the Uses of using Microdata and RDFa ?

  • Help Search Engines to easily Distinguish between other links and Breadcrumbs

  • Help easy implementation of Breadcrumbs

  • Tell the Proper Order of Trailing Links