Windows Software Alternatives for Ubuntu

Many of the you are looking for a different environment other than Windows for several Reasons. but forced to Use Windows because you don't have Suffecient Software to Work on Ubuntu, It is the List of Software Alternatives to be Used on Ubuntu.

  • Pinta: Pinta stands for Alternative, is the Alternative of the Famous Graphic Editing Software

  • Open : it is the one of the Best Alternative for the Microsoft Office 2007 with all the Features Similar and Better than MS Office 2007

    1. Writer : it  is the Word Processor Similar to the Microsoft Word

    2. Calc : A Spreadsheet similar to the Microsoft Excel and it can also export Spreadsheet as PDF. It also posses number of feature which Microsoft Excel does not includes

    3. Impress : A Presentation Software Similar to Power Point but it is better than that, you can export your Presentation in Adobe Flash Files (.swf). also able to read .ppt format from Microsoft Power Point, and can save them as PDF

    4. Base : An Alternative to Microsoft Access , It allows the User to create and Manipulation of Database.

    5. Draw : an Alternative to CorelDraw and Microsoft Visio , it is a Vector Graphic Editor, it also posses the Feature of Microsoft Publisher.

    6. Math : A Tool for Creating and Editing Mathematical Formulas similar to Microsoft Equation Editor.

  • GIMP: GIMP stand for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is an Alternative for Adobe Photoshop.

The Software which are Available Both on Windows and Ubuntu:

  • Adobe Flash Player : Basic Plugin to run .swf or Flash files in Ubuntu

  • Adobe Reader : To view and open PDF files

  • Mozilla Firefox : Default Web Browser pre-installed in Ubuntu

  • Google Chrome / Chromium :  Google Chrome and Chromium are almost same and is very fast in ubuntu as compare in Windows

  • Mozilla Thunderbird : Default EMail Client in Ubuntu 11.10

  • Kaspersky : A Preferable Anti Virus for the Ubuntu 11.10

  • Avast Antivirus 4 Linux Workstation : you have to manually scan your Ubuntu

  • Nero

  • Real Player

  • VLC Player

  • Skype : Skype 2.2  is available for Ubuntu, allows you to Call using Internet

Music Player / Media Player in Ubuntu:

  • Kaboodle : One of the Best Alternative for Winamp Player

  • Banshee : Alternative for Windows Media Player

  • VLC Player : will play almost all files on Ubuntu except .rm

  • Real Player : will play all files and .rm files also

Drivers for Ubuntu 
Although Ubuntu generally do not need any Driver, and If it need , it will Detect it Automatically and Notifies you ,
Like i got Notify about my Nvidia Graphic Card, Realtek Lan Driver and Audio Driver

Essentials for Ubuntu 

  • Adobe Flash Player

  • Adobe Reader

  • Open JDK : For Implementing Java SDK

  • Xvid Codec  and Other Codec Pack [Search for Codec in Ubuntu Software Center]


Many People mislead that the their are not any Games for Ubuntu, but there are many Games available Free and Paid Both.

  • World of Goo

  • Quake 4

  • Doom 3

  • Tremolous

  • Vega Strike

  • Neverball

and Thousands of other , Available online for Download

Still unhappy Try to install Wine Emulator for Ubuntu , it is capable of Running 70 % of Windows Software