How to change the WordPress admin username?

The Default Wordpress Administrator Username , "admin" is becoming a security vulnerability. A Hacker can easily nget into your Wordpress Installation by just performing a Brute-Force Attack , therefore it's important to change Wordpress Administrator Username Other than that of Default and it should be Unique

How to change the Wordpress Admin Username?

Although there is no option to change the admin default Username , after we'd installed the Wordpress , but there is a trick/tweak we could do to make magic happen for you.

  • Login to your cPanel , Look for phpmyadmin in frontpage

  • Open it  and select your Database

  • From your Wordpress Database Search / Locate and Select the wp_users Table [Note: Prefix wp may be different  based on what you selected while installing the Wordpress]

  • Locate the Entry for "admin" and click on Edit [or pencil Icon]

  • Under the user_login column,  change  "admin " to your preferred Login Name and click on go

That's it , now you should have different login name and you should be able to login from that.

Notes : That should be taken Care of

  • Never Use your or Author Name to the Admin Login Name

  • Try to add Number to the Username

  • Think different from your Website Name / URL

  • Backup your Database before Editing