Save a Mobile Dropped in Water

You must have dropped your phone into're now thinking ,how do i know?
because you must came here from Facebook or from Google searching for this that how to recover your mobile that you'd dropped it in Water.

 Things to keep in mind:

  • No Mobile Manufacturer will Replace your Mobile ,If it's been damaged due to Water.

  • We can n't Recover a Mobile Phone, dropped in Water.Only way is to replace it's damaged IC's and Circuits

How do Mobile Manufacturer  know  that the Mobile is dropped in Water or Not?

Almost Every Manufacturer stick a pH strip to their Product ,which changes it's color when been in contact with water .

You can n't Recover your Mobile ,but can Save your Phone?

How? here are some First Aid Steps.....

Save Mobile in Water
What you'll Need?

You'll Need a Rice (about 1kg) (I know ,i'm not discussing a recipe of fried rice )  , 1 litre Alcohol ,

8-9 Tissue Paper, Ear Buds. Screwdriver


To Do's

  • As soon as your Phone get dropped in Water , Try to Remove it from Water as Soon as Possible.

  • Do not Switch it On , else it will cause Short - Circuit

  • Try to dis-assemble your phone as much as Possible....Take help of a Screw-Driver (make sure you will re assemble it.)

  • Clear Water from Major Parts of Mobile using Tissue Paper and Ear Buds,

  • Re Submerge your Mobile in Rubbing Alcohol it will prevent Rust ,remove Water. [optional Step]

  • keep your phone in Sack full of Un-Cooked Rice for 3-4 Days, so that it will Soak all the Water left in Mobile...

  • After 3-4 Days, Carefully Re-assemble your Phone, and try to Switch on your Phone.....

Some False Methods you'll Find on Internet, Don't Try these


To Don'ts

  • Most Common :they'll say you to keep your phone in Air or Sunlight...
    Note: it'll lead to rusted circuits

  • Keep your phone under Light Bulb or Hair Dryer,
    Note : it'll burn or melt down your phone's small Parts

Last But Most Important Warning:

"Never Switch On your Phone Immediately after it dropped in Water:"