External Flash for Cameras

Many of you, don't know but you can turn your Camera Mobile Phone without Flash  into a Flash supported Camera Mobile Phone, but Question Arises ,How?
There is a Gadget known as "Phlash ", which sticks to your Body and make it Flash Supported.

Is it Compatible with every Phone?
One thing you should know is that it does not connect with camera Software, it just a Flash emitter with a button of it's own,which you have to press/squeeze against phone body while clicking the Pics from your Mobile phone. As it can attach to every phone, therefore it is compatible with Every Phone

The Original Phlash! camera phone flash will cost you about 29.99 USD + shipping, but there is also a cheaper version manufactured by Viacom,which will cost about $5 USD to $7 USD .

Is there any differences between two?
Yes , the original Flash has 4 Flash Emitter with an art of technology in there Optic Lens where as Viacom's Flash has single Flash Emitter with simple Lens.