What is Panorama?

Panorama [also misspelled as panoroma] is representation of 3d Workspace in Wide angled Image ,
Now a days , Cameras does also have a Panorama Function ,What is it?

In a Camera , When you Switch on Panorama Mode ,you've to click 3[or more] Picture Side by Side and your Camera will Stitch them Together. this way you can capture the whole scenic Beauty.


  • Google Maps and Many other are Providing Panoramic View of Monuments ,Popular Places etc.

  • Used by Architecture to Study a Location


  • Horizontal Panorama : you can easily find Panorama of Beaches,Mountains in Google Images.

  • Vertical Panorama : used to shot a Waterfall,Dam or Canyon.

  • 360 Panorama : Used to shot Detailed Panorama of Room, Halls etc,