Listing and verifying Technorati Claim Token

When i was new to the SEO, One of my friend Suggest me to add your Website to Technorati as
According to the Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia,
“Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs, competing with Google and Yahoo!”,
After doing some research on internet ,i got on point that if you'd a blog ,then you should list it on's Directory,

Here is simple to follow guide for Listing your Blog, Getting Claim Token and Verifying it

Add Listing to Technorati

  • First of all  , Create a free account on on this Page

  • after Verifying E-Mail Address  , Login to your Account and Click on your Username, Next to the Signout Link on top-right corner,

  • Now in your Profile will open , in the bottom you'll find the "start a blog claim", if you can't find , then press Ctrl + F in your Browser and Search in Page.
    There enter your Website/Blog Address and press "Claim " button

  • you'll directed to a page ,where you have to submit Website Title, Address, Description, Feed URL [any Atom or RSS]  ,

  • After Submitting the form , you'll receive a confirmation Mail from Technorati, Containing a Claim Token,

Verifying the Claim Token

After getting the claim token, you'll scratch your head as you'll not find any appropriate Guide on Technorati , "What to do with it?"

I'll Tell you that you have to Verify your ownership of Blog/Website by managing this Token  somehow appear in your Blog's Feed,

The Best Way to do it is to

  • create a post and in your Post body just Copy-Paste this code and publish it,

  • After Publishing, Check your Feed that it contains the Claim Token,

  • After Checking this, Logon to  your Technorati Account and in your Blog Listing click on "Check Claim" button

  • you'll directed to a page where it's written that we've evaluated the claiming process, and after 2-3 Minutes you'll get an EMail
    stating that "Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati. We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review."

  • Now you can Delete your Blog Post containing the Claim Token and wait for Review on your Claim