Extracting original Content from your Nokia S40

Today one of my friends want me to extract Original Files (Themes,Graphics,Games,Apps,  and Ringtones)
of Nokia 2700 for his Nokia 7210 Supernova....
As i guess, most of you want to do same from your Mobile,and don't know,"How to do this?"

Here is easy-to-follow guide for this.

  • First of All , Download and Install OxyCube from OxygenSoftware.com

  • Then  Connect  your  Nokia  Phone  via  Data  Cable or Bluetooth, and    Select PC Suite  option on
    your Phone .

  • In most of the Cases OxyCube will automatically detect the Phone,
    Otherwise you have to add it Manually,

  • Click on 'Run Connection Wizard' on top left, click on 'Next' Button ,

  • Select your Phone Manufacturer and Model,

  • Then Select from "Connection via Cable " or "Connection via Infrared" , and then Click on "Connect"
    The Software will search for Connection of such Similar Phone, if available Next Button will Appear,
    If not Error will Came up  (See Bottom of this Article for Solution),  and in both Cases ,Click  Finish.

  • If your phone  connect Properly , Then  your  phone  should appear on the Homescreen of Software.
    In bottom you'll Find to Disc Icon's Namely 'Local Disk (C:)' and 'Memory Card (E:)' or 'Flash Disk (E:)'. In  every   Case "(C:) " will be the Local Memory  of your Phone , where all Original files were placed,and other Drives are for Memory Card or Mass Memory,

  • Browse through them and you'll Find your Desired Filles.

Index for Desired Files:

  1. For Graphics browse through "C:predefgallerypredefgraphics"

  2. For Themes browse   through  "C:predefgallerypredefthemes "

  3. For   Ringtones  browse  through "C:predefgallerypredeftones"

  4. For Applications in Collections  browse through "C:predefjavapredefcollections"

  5. For Applications or Original Games browse through "C:predefjavapredefgames"

What to do , If you face Problem Connecting your Phone?

  • Check you'd installed proper Driver for your Phone or Installed
    Nokia PC Suite or Nokia OVI Suite.As it  will help your PC to
    Detect your Mobile Easily.

  • Try Connecting your phone as "portable media" instead of Nokia
    PC Suite Device.

  • If all  of  these  Fails Restart both   your   PC    and Mobile.

  • Sometimes ,If Nokia PC Suite or OVI Suite  is running behind
    Window, Software will not detect the Phone, Close these from
    Icon Tray and from Task Manager.