Resistive vs Capacitive Touchscreen: A Brief Note on CapacitiveTouchscreen

In Previous Post we'd Talked about Resistive Touchscreen, Now in this post ,i'm gonna talk about the Capacitive Touchscreen,

Capacitive Touchscreen: They are Single Layered Screen unlike Resistive Touchscreen ,they are coated with conductor like Indium Tin Oxide, As you know that human body also posses charge and work as a conductor, When Human finger Touches the screen ,it's create a change in Electrical Field of the Screen[as some charge got transfer to the Human Body] and hence in the capacitance [that's why it is called Capacitive].
The circuit attached with the screen detect this change in capacitor and decrease in charge, and register a touch on the screen.

Salient Features:


  • Slightest touch of your finger is enough to register the touch on the Screen

  • Fast and Easy to use as compared to resistive Touchscreen

  • No glossy and Reflection due to Single Layer , Therefore can be used in access of Sunlight

  • Easy to clean ,

  • Multi Touch is Possible


  • It's needed 5% of Humidity to Work

  • We cannot use it while wearing Gloves

  • Some People reported that it's not possible to use it in Hot Desert and Cold Snowy Mountain

  • had operating Temperature of 0'c to 35'c

  • Easily Prone to Scratches and blemishes, therefore Requires Lot of Care,

  • Costlier to Manufacture

Although the Capacitive have many Drawbacks, but it is preferable to use ,because of it's quick and easy touch sense. Many of it's Drawback are possible to improved, by Using Scratch Resistance Coating ,and other Technology,like Gorilla Glass Display[Which makes the screen almost Unbreakable and is Highly Scratch Resistant, spill Proof]