Resistive vs Capacitive Touchscreen: A Brief Note on ResistiveTouchscreen

I know there is a war going in your mind ,about Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreen and you're not able to decide ,which screen to choose....

Let's find out ,Which is better?

Resistive Touchscreen : These Kind of Touchscreen are mainly used in Entry Level Handsets, due to their Cost of Manufacturing ,
In Resistive Touchscreen, The Precise Location of Touch is registered,when two layer coated with resistence Material and filled with Air[Cheaper Method] or Microdot [Costlier Method] , came to Contact with each other,

Salient Features


  • Works in all types of Location ,Temperature and Climate

  • Have nice range of Operating temperature -15'C to 55'C

  • Cost of Manufacturing is Low,as compare to other Touchscreen,

  • Typically Have High  Resolution 4096X4096 DPI

  • You can use any Pointed Material to register a Touch


  • It's Visibility is good in Normal Daylight, but in Sunlight it's Layer Reflects too Much Ambient Light

  • While Writting with Hands using Stylus or other Pointing device ,A user cannot press Large Hands Down.

  • Multi Touch is not Possible,

We will see in Next Part about Capacitive Touchscreen and the Winner of the War of These Touchscreen