How to add Copyright Notice to your Blog

We know , that how important is it to Add Copyright Notice to your Blog, to help your protect your blog from Content copier therefore we are writing this guide , which will instruct you to , "How to do so?" in Blogger and Wordpress

In Wordpress

In Wordpress there are three ways to add the Copyright Notice

  • With Plugins

  • Using your Theme Functionality

  • Manually,

There are Numerous of Plugins present on Internet which can automatically add the Copyright Notice in your Blog, but in most of the cases these plugin will break your Theme,
and There are many chances that the Theme author don't provide the option to Add Copyright Notice to your blog, So we left with only option to do it manually.Follow this Step

  • Login to your Wordpress  Dashboard

  • Go to Appearance > Editor , There are most of the chances that Editor will show the Default Theme Files [Wordpress Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven],

  • Select your Theme from Drop Down menu in Top Right Section , and open footer.php , There you'll find  <div=id footer> below that add this Code..

Copyright &copy; <?php the_time('Y') ?>&middot;All Rights Reserved,<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>

it' ll  add this to your blog "
Copyright © 2011 · All Rights Reserved · Your Blog Name

Don't forgot to save the Files,

In Blogger

  • In blogger , it's easy as 1-2-3, Just Log on to your dashboard

  • Go to Design> Page Element and in Footer add new HTML/Script widget and add this
    Copyright &copy; 2011 &middot; All Rights Reserved &middot;  Your Blog Name

  • Save the File , and that's it