Protect your Wordpress Blog from Plagiarism

Plagiarism means Copying , close imitation or displaying as one's own content to the another Author Articles, Artwork, Design etc. As Wordpress Blog allow the commons to share their articles , Copying of Wordpress Articles are on Peak, Here are some important step you should take to stop content copying from your Blog.

Content Copying does n't effect the reputation of  well established old and Popular Blogs as

  • All Search Engines Detects and Content as soon as it got Published

  • Author got proper Authorship of the Content

  • Everybody knows about the Original Content Ownership etc.

But for a New Blog , it's important to prevent Content copying till the Blog gets Popularity and Good online Reputation,

What will happen if your Content got Copied from your Blog?

  • If the copier website is well established , then he can easily prove his Ownership on your hand-written Articles

  • Many Search Engines will think that you'd copied the Content from the Copier's website and Punish you by Lowering your Web-Presence

  • The copier will monetize from your content and you'll face the criticism. Although you're rightfull author

What to do to Protect your Blog?

Register your Online Presence

  • First of all , Sign Up for Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, Microsoft Webmaster Tools and submit your Website to register your blog's online Presence

  • Submit a website , so that Crawler crawl each and every part of your blog,

  • Ping your Blog to websites like Technorati, Pingomatic etc.

  • If  Google is not crawl or indexing you , Try to Use "Fetch as Googlebot" to manually fetch your blog

On Site Changes

  • Don't Provide RSS Feeds or Atom Feeds as it makes , the Content Copying Process more easier for Content Copier

  • If it's a necessary to Provide Feed ,restrict it to the Summary . From Dashboard > Settings> Reading  from Dashboard of your Blog.

  • Disable Right Click, Content Selection, and Add Frame Breaker, you can do it via many Plugins

  • Encrypt your Content with Javascript

  • Add Copyright Notice to your Blog,

  • Register with , which will index your Content and help you when you need to prove your Ownership

On next Post we'll Discuss How to  Disable Right Click, Content Selection, and Add Frame Breaker and Add Copyright Notice in your Footer