What is Pagination and How to add it to Wordpress Blog?

Pagination is way to arrange , organize the Data or numbered the content in a website to make it more user friendly and useful , this done basically to break a webpage/post into different Part such that user with slow internet speed can easily load a Page .

Where can you find example of Pagination?

Google : Google Uses Pagination to divide search Results

Blogeyo.com : we use Pagination to divide list of Post
Flickr : Flickr also uses Pagination to archive images
Shopping Websites and Catalog featuring Websites : This is generally done in order to make it more useful for a user to find product.

Pagination in Wordpress: Basically by Default Wordpress uses pagination which only shows "older post - newer Post" , but you can change it show numbered Pagination as in our Website

Plugins :
Wp-Pagenavi by lester chan : This is the most trusted , secure and oldest Plugin to introduce numbered Pagination on your blog, many theme framework like thesis, thematic, arthemia etc will automatically load this plugin where as in some themes for e.g Twenty Ten , you have to find calls to next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link() and replace them with
<?php wp_pagenavi(); ?>

I've never found any problem with this plugin and tested on most of the themes , therefore you can trust this plugin.

Trusted Alternative to this plugin are :

  • Wordpress SEO Pager

  • Wp-Paginate

  • WP Digg Style Pagination

Manually Adding Pagination to the Wordpress:

I know many of you don't want to add Plugins (basically to speed up wordpress or optimize it)
Here are few lines of code to add Pagination Manually

Step1 : Go to your theme , open up functions.php and the add code highlighted below:
<?php  if(have_posts()):


   the_post(); ?>

                     <h5><?php the_title();?></h5>
                     <span><?php the_content();?></span>

           <?php endwhile;?>

  <!-- Paging concept-->
                 <?php  pagination();?>
<?php endif; ?>
          <?php wp_reset_query(); ?>

Step 2 : Now got to your themes index.php or other files where you want to show pagination and add following code:
                 <?php  pagination();?>

Pagination impact on Websites SEO:

Pagination should be considered , when your website have more than few Dozen of Web Pages , it will increase the Crawl Depth of the Crawler on other hand if you improperly implement Pagination means without the Use of Canonical URL's etc. you may get punish for Duplicate Content , therefore it is beneficiary to learn about getting rid of Duplicate Content and using Canonical URL before , you try out Pagination