How to Create a Website?

Now-a-days from a novice to an expert, Student to Professor , Small Business to Multi-National Corp. all want to create their Website for several reasons like to create online identity , to tell about their services to Users , to share their Research etc. This Article will tell you How to create a website?

There are many ways you can create a website , free and also paid for better features,

A. Free Websites Provider
There are numerous of those , who provide free websites builder like Google Sites , , Microsoft Small Business etc. these provide free WebHosting with free sub-domain, and basic GUI based Web Site Builder. They can also provide free Email Accounts , if you purchase a Top-Level Domain from Them and features other Paid plans which will enhance your Website.

These type of websites are great for Novice that don't want any professional Website. but just want to taste the flavor of having a website, these usually lacks the scope of Customization,
For Complete list of Features given by these Website Builder please read our previous posts.

B. Paid Website Builder

There are many Website Builder that will take nominal charges and will provide you with Professional Templates, 24X7 Customer Support and much more features. Finest Example is Yahoo Small Business.

C. Purchase a Domain and Web-hosting and create a website Yourself [With Total Freedom ]

In this method you'll need to have basic knowledge of HTML , CSS in combination with any Advanced level Language like PHP , or Perl etc. This option will provide you with 100% access to edit your website according to your Wish [Provided you should know what are you doing, else you'll end up with lot's of error] . Most  of us prefer  this method as it is cheaper to host a website instead of using paid website builder with little access

For this, First of all purchase a Domain and Web-Hosting from Trusted Seller like , HostGator , Bluehost, Dreamhost etc. while purchasing , just take care that your Package include the Support for your Favorite Language like or PHP , and includes a cPanel [most used Control Panel for managing your Files and Other Information],

What is Domain and Web-Hosting? : Domain Name are URL to your Websites like  , you can purchase domain name with many extension like .net, .org , .biz etc or purchase a domain name with country specific extension like .in for india , .uk for United Kingdom etc.
Whereas a Web Hosting is the Space you purchased online to host files for your website , they are actually Servers situated in different parts of the world and connected to internet with high Download and upload Speed , and hundreds of  Hard Disk Attached
If you are Purchasing Domain from different and Hosting from Different Seller , contact both and they'll setup the whole Hosting for you.

Login to your Website cPanel: Usually you can login to your Website cPanel using the links like , or from with username and Password provided by your Web-host,

After Logging  in , click on File Manager , A popup will appear with a dropdown list to select "Home Directory" ,"Public FTP Root" , "Web Root" , or "Document Root for". Select Web Root from the above.

This is your File Manager, you can upload any Type of Files here , but condition is that it should by readily processed by  your Server to Browser,
you can also create new Files and Folder/Directories etc. to it ,

If you have knowledge of Scripts, then  creating your own website will not be any difficulty to you provided you should know how to attach it with MySQL Database and upload it  on your Server properly,

For Novice and Beginner, We Suggest to Install Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal  on their Domain that will allow you to Publish Content Dynamically with the help of Easy to Use Graphic User Interface.

Note : Your Server will automatically consider the file named as "home","main" or "Index" in web-root folder  as a Homepage, For e.g. If you are having this file index.html in your "home/public_html/" then pointing your browser toward  will load the File ""
A Clever Friend of mine asked me , What will happen , if we have both home.html and index.html in our root folder ?
Answer : your server will treat your file named with index.html as homepage and follow this priority Index>Home> Main ,
Stay Tuned , for more related Articles