Free Website Builder

Now a days, everybody in this world wants his own Website , but can’t afford to hire a developer.

For these type of people there are many CMS (Content Management System) .

In CMS, a person with a basic knowledge of Computer can build Website.

There are many Free CMS like PHP Nuke,Mambo,Xoop, etc.

but I prefer to use pre-installed CMS or In term of Internet Newbie “Online Website Builder”.

Like Microsoft Office Live- Small Business Website Creator,Google Site, Doodlekit,,and,

Microsoft Office Live- Small Business:

  • It is a free Website Builder for making Small Website ,

  • It’ll cost you 14.95$ ,if you intended to purchase a Domain via that, or you can set-up your Pre-owned Domain for Free

  • It comes with 500 MB Free Online Storage,

  • Good choice for Small Business Proffesionals and Schools Teacher

  • It also gives you 100 EMail account.

you can access it here:

Note: you’ll need Internet Explorer ,to run there CMS

Google Sites :

it’s a Free Google Product, with cool and user friendly Web site Builder.

  • With 100mb free Storage /Website

  • Unlimited Pages

  • you can point your Domain Name by CNAME Settings

  • With Cool 41 templates and 4 Page Layout ,although templates are highly Graphical but optimized for Slow Computers and Broadband Connection.

  • More Important Feature! you can monetize it with Google Adsense.

  • A web address of the form “”. The sitename portion must be at least 6 characters and can only contain alphanumeric characters (no undersc
    ores, etc.).

  • Can add youtube Videos,Picasa Photos,Google Maps

you can access it here:,

Note: it’s transist version of Google Page Creator.

Yahoo Small Business: Yahoo Small Business is Similar to Microsoft Small Business with a Page Editor look like Tiny MCE, and it’s not Free

  • Can get Domain at 9.95$/Year

  • You have to Seperately purchase Web Hosting

  • Templates are Good but not so Dynamic

DoodleKit: It’s a Dynamic Website Builder with Free as Well as Premium Plans

Free Plan Includes:

  • 25000 hits means Visitors/Month

  • W3c Validated Templates,Cool but Simple Web Layouts and Themes

  • 5 Pages,with photo uploading limited to 500

  • Highly editable CSS.

Although other plans have better features ,but they’re Costly as much as 14$/month to 49$/month. it’s one of my Favorites due to it’s highly User friendly CMS,it allows you to Add Adsense, Cool Gadgets,

  • 1 Gb per Website in Free Plan

  • 1 account may have 5 Website

  • About 100 cool Templates

  • Banner Free,websites

  • Good Customer Support

  • Unlimited Bandwidth it’s known for it’s Cool Website Builder ,which provide Quality and Features Side-by-Side. I like it because they provide free In Built Social Network, Gaming Arcade(powered by Heyzap) ,Cool Widgets, option to create Wiki,Forums,Links Page,photo gallery,Video Gallery, an choose from 300+ cool Templates

  • it gives it user 40 Mb in free plan

  • Allow us to add HTML

  • Adsense Compatible

  • they earn by showing Adsense ads on Free Plans