Free Blogging Tools

Although there are Many Blogging tools merging on Interenet ,Now a Days because of Open Source PHP Script i.e. WordPress MU. but there are some which are known for it’s Quality and it’s originality.

List of Blogging tools we’ll discuss.• Blogger
• WordPress
• Typepad [Need Web-hosting]
• Movable Type[Need Web-hosting]
• Blog engine.NET [For Developers]
• B2Evolution [For Developers]As you know 4 out of 6 mentioned above needs Web-Hosting ,Therefore we’ll discuss them Later..

Blogger: Blogger is a Free Blog publishing Service by Google.Actually it isfounded by pyra labs ,but later Acquired by Google.

Later,Google integrated it’s many of Service “like : Picasa ” with it,

Salient Features

• One can post via Post-by-Email,
• Have a Blogg This!! plugin for MS-Word ,which enables user to post directly via MS-Word.
• Integrated with Picasa
• Person can choose Custom Domain Name
o By pointing CNAME Settings
o By purchasing a Domain Name at 10$
• Most Important ,have a Blog Designer Tools which is 100% SEO compatible.
• If Used properly with Tips and Trick Mention on Our Website, it can used as CMS or a Website.

• Person can Monetize Blog with Adsense with Adsense Integrated Dashboard, I think ,it’s the Main Features it’s preferable by most of the other blogging tools either does n’t Support it or Charge Money to provide this Feature

• Last but most important, is it’s Graphic User Interface, i can’t believe “how a Dynamic Content Management System be working Fast and Fine in 64kb Dail-up Internet Connection ” is a blog publishing tool by Company Automattic and powered by WordPress MU[A PHP Multi-Blogging Script by Matt] . it’s one of the Main Alternative to Google’s Blogger. Although it’s lack of Free Features ,but People like it due to it’s Flexibility and Themes which are Countless. One can create it’s own theme and Upload it to their Blogs
• Domain Mapping ,Google Adsense,Extra Space are the Paid Features
You can Signup here at

WordPress: WordPress is a PHP Blogging tool based on B2 Code, For using this you need to purchase a Web Hosting with PHP 4 or higher and SQL Database Support.
It is the most used PHP script [you can say every second blogger used this] .

Salient Features:

• This software give you free access to millions of Themes and Plugins,
• As it is free and open Source ,you can use it for developing your Custom Software
• It’s Free ,Open Source ,Flexible and Highly Customizable
• it’s support Google Adsense via various plugins or just adding as HTML
• One can start Blogger like Blog Publishing Service through this.
• You can also create free website through this and use it as CMS
• via plugins like Mingle and Buddypress,you can create your own Social Networking Website.
• Supports BBPress Integration.

WordPress is highly preffered by Bloggers as they can customize it, according to their needs
You can download it here at

Note: WordPress and is two Same,but 2 different thing ,as is Blog publishing Service and WordPress is PHP blog publishing Tool