Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System Review and Hands-on

Dettol No- Touch Hand Wash System is automatic soap Dispenser recently launched in India at the Introductry price of  Rs 450 [actual price 750 Rs], it will your hands from exposure from germs accumulate on the surface of Soaps or Handle of Soap Dispenser.

I've ordered one 1 unit of Dettol No Touch System from my favorite online retailer and it got delivered in 3 Days to our Office at Chandigarh. Seller had packed it in a Bubble Wrap and Carton.

Dettol Packed the Unit in Just a Transparent Packing along with Dettol Refil , I'm sure it will give a lot of Headache to Retail to protect the unit from Being Damage. Thank god , we are not Retailer.

I took out my Handy Trusty Cutter and Unboxed the Unit, There is one Dispenser , 1 Original Dettol Refill , 4xBatteries (inside the Dispensor) and an Instruction Guide printed on backside of Package. Installation of Refill is Quit Easy , if you know What you are Doing .


We thought dispenser will be of some cheap quality , due to the Price tag of 450 Rs. But Dettol amazed us by giving a well built Dispenser built from Durable Plastic and Manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser

Dispenser features an elagent design , that will perfectly match with your Bathrooms Design and make grip with your Wash Basin. It have slot for batteries at the Bottom, A Big open slot for Refill and an extended arm for soap Dispenser Nozzle and a Sensor. It have on/off slide out Switch, and a Button to take out Refill at the Back . A LED Light+ sensor at front that will detect your Hand , a slot in Dispenser to look amount of Liquid in the Refill.


Refill is about a 250 ml , and is made in such a way that you'll be not able to open and re-fill the Soap.


We have removed the Protective slip from Batteries and Installed the Refill , and put Hand below it. A Big "Tuck" Sound , A second small Tuck - still no soap out of Dispenser , I would thought for the moment that I've got a Defective Piece if it's not Mention in the Manual about the First Time Usage. On Third Time , Soap snooze out from Dispenser and it's just equal and right amount that we should use to wash our Hands. The Soap feels of much better Quality of that we used in Our Daily Routine.

Final Verdict

It's a great buy , if you want to replace out Traditional Soaps and Hand Dispenser from your House . Your Children will enjoy using it and this could be a new Beginning to cultivate habits like Washing Hand before and After Meal , After Touching a Messy Thing etc. which we also forgot to do in this Busy Life.