Free up Disk Space on your Computer

Many New Computer are coming with the Hard Disk of  500GB and even 1 TB , but for the computer like mine with 160 GB Hard Disk, it is an Headache to Free-Up Disk Space . Whenever i install a heavy game like GTA 4, NFS Run . Main problem arises to free up additional Disk Space from the Computer to do other Work. Here is my Tutorial to free up Disk Space from your Computer.....
Softwares that might help you Freeing up Disk Space

CCleaner : CCleaner is the ultimate solution to free up disk space... it cleans temporary Internet Logs, Cache , and other useless backup files like Temp, prefetches etc. It also provide option to clean up unused registry keys.

Duplicate Cleaner: This Software, on scan find out Duplicate Files on your System and Shows up as checklist with an option to delete selected files... The Software is so powerful that it can distinguish between two image files , videos and Documents with Same Name and even can match the document with different file name but same works by comparing MD5 Hash of files not by file names and size, it is pretty accurate and help you delete unnecessary Duplicate Files.

Revo Uninstaller : The cool thing about it is that it uninstall a file completely with it's evidence of existance.. it can even detect the softwares like demos,trials etc. which Windows Program Uninstaller "Add/Remove Program" Fails to Show. It also permanently deletes Microsoft Office History and windows Useless logs....

Methods that will use your Brain

Reserve Less Space for System Restore : Go to Start>Run , Then Type "sysdm.cpl" and hit Enter. It will open up "System Properties Dialog Box" , Click on "System Protection" Tab , select your Windows Drive and click on Configure. Select the Max Usage anywhere between 2% to 5 % and apply the Changes.

Delete Unwanted Shadow Copies: Go to Start , type "cmd" in search box, then press CTRL+Shift+Enter to open the Command prompt with Administrator Privileges . Now to Delete all old shadows copies type this command.

c:\>vssadmin delete shadows /for=c: /oldest

Disk Cleanup

This is the command prompt method , but if you prefer to delete shadows using , Graphic Interface then Go to My Computer > select your Windows Drive> Right click on it > Go to properties > Select Disk Cleanup, System will calculate the Unnecessary Files and open up a Dialog box with checklist to delete Unnecessary Files. Click Ok. Delete Installer and unwanted Downloads:
  •  Always Check your Download Folders time to time and delete unnecessary Files, Videos and Bulky Setups ,ISO Images ,Zip files that you have downloaded from internet
  • If you use Softwares like itune   to watch Podcast etc.  , then delete old episode data by using it inbuilt utility.