Windows Key + Tab equals to magic

Many of you don't know but there are some special Feature of Windows Aero Framework,

One of them is Key Combination of Windows Key + Tab Shortcut,
As soon as you press this Shortcut , it will cycles through the Open Programs/Application present on the Taskbar.

What to Do , if you had multiple windows open and you want to Cycle through it?
Simple just hold Down the Windows Logo Key and tap the Tab button repeatedly. The Computer will Automatically Cycles through the Open Program.

This Function is Somewhat Similar to the Alt + Tab shortcut, which open a Preview Pane of each Open Windows...

These two Shortcut Keys are Part of Aero Peek Features which need a proper Graphic Card and can be Disable through Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools> Adjust visual effects > uncheck Enable Aero Peek.

I Don't know about yours , but I liked it very much, How many times it happens ,we have multiple windows open and we need to browse through them,  but don't know how to do that? , These Two Feature will going to Help in this Situartion


We'll Discuss about more Features Later