Dynamic vs Static Websites

Many of you have heard about the Static and Dynamic website , but still don't able to distinguish between them, but after reading this article you surely will?

You will not able to tell that the Website you'd visited is Dynamic or Static because:

  • Now a Days, Dynamic Website Features Exactly like Static

  • No Quality Difference

  • No Design Differences

Static Websites : These Website are those , which are Manually Hand-Written by a Developer in the Form of HTML,ASP, etc. This types of Website are usually basic in Nature, with no Advance Features like Search, Login Panels etc. It cannot be updated until and unless you know Programming or take help of Web Developer. In this types of Website Fancy URL are not Possible

Salient Features

  • Cheap to Develop

  • Still have Web presence, Small Business Prefer to Use This

  • Cheap to Host

  • Generally Basic in Nature

Dynamic Website : This types of Website usually preffered these Days, due to it's Versatility and other Advance Features. In this type of Website Content is stored in SQL Database and Generated on Screen with the Help of PHP and Javascript. In that way a User can Create Unlimited Pages without actually coding each and every Page.

Salient Features:

  • Allow a Novice to Update the Content

  • Content can be updated through a Simple Browser based GUI Platform

  • Fancy/Dynamic URL are Allowed

  • Much more Functional Website

  • Effective in Bringing back People as updating content is easier


  • Slower and Costlier to Develop, but due to Numerous Advantages still Preferable

  • Little Costlier to Host as you need PHP, MySQL, HTTP Apache Support

Fact : you'll amaze to know that Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Youtube all are Dynamic Websites.