Blog vs Website

Many of you don't know the basic Difference between a Blog and a Website......
to know this difference ,we've to go back Before 1997 before the Arrival of Blog.

What is a Website?
Website is a collection of webpages coined together to provide basic Information
of Product,Services,Brand , and Organization ,

Blogger Inside View
Blogger Inside View

Eligibility of Creating a Website
To create a Website you must have:

  • A Good Reason

  • Basic knowledge of any of the Language [PHP,HTML,ASP,,Flash or Java]

  • With little bit knowledge of CSS

  • A Web Host  and a Domain Name

What is a Blog?

Actually Blog is the blend term of 'Weblog' , A Blog generally means the to update a Website

with Content Regularly, Blog became common after the arrival of Blogging tools like Blogger , Wordpress,Movable Type,Typepad, which allows a novice of Computers to create a good

and Interactive Blog.

Blogs are usually Interactive consists of Widget,Gadgets through which a visitor can interact

with Publisher ,Basically by Commenting or By Guestbooks.

You can Create a Blog,if you:

  • Want to create a Online Personnel Diary

  • Want to update your Worker with Basic Knowledge

  • Want to  Certain Share knowledge with your Visitor

Eligibility of Creating a Blog:

  • A Good Topic with a Good Reason

  • Basic knowledge of Computer

  • Capability of Understanding a Simple GUI [Graphic User Interface]

  • 1-2 Hours Daily to Update and interact with Visitors