Why not to choose Free Web Hosting?

Why not to choose Free Web Hosting

1.) Creating a website on a free Web hosting provider is just like standing on Water.....

Your Precious website could be deleted anytime,any second.
and they'll give reasons like overloading of server, over crowding, Our server crash etc.
Sometime they did n't even reply you?.....

2.) Many of them will gave you Limited bandwidth, Limited space (as low as 10 MB), Limited Database Access, and your visitors will have to deal with Banner Advertisement,

3.) To provide you free web hosting and earn some profit (by displaying ads) .Many webserver owners will use cheap Server configuration with poor uplink.

4.) You won't be able to make commercial website or monetize with your Website.....

Some more important points

  • It is obvious that Spammers and Phisher will use a free web hosting.

  • A person using a free web-hosting never gain respect in the world of Websites....

  • your website will never get a place on search engines list easily.

  • If you know about SEO, than you should also know it's nearly  impossible to do SEO or other optimization on a Free Web Host.

If you want a free website with 10 pages and ability to upload videos,photos and insert custom html...

and totaly personal website for you.

Then we prefer:

  • Blogger.com

  • Google Sites

  • Microsoft officelive Small Business Website

Why we prefer these....?

  • Absolutely Free (also royality free)

  • you can display ads

  • you can set up custom domain name....

  • Pre Installed Themes